© 2015-2024 Johann (Yukhann) Nikadimus | photos in the design © Marina Vasilevskaya, © Nika Oksenchuk

Hello! I am Johann (Yukhann) Nikadimus. An artisan, embroiderer, designer. Since 2015, I have been sewing accessories using historical technologies: replicas of ancient headdresses and modern gala tiaras as my own micro-brand KEY by JNikadimus.

I'm studying the ancient techniques of pearl embroidery and gold work. I love to combine antique and modern materials, ethnic fabrics and fabrics of high-end brands. The most important and unique feature is that all my work I make by hands, as craftsmen did hundreds of years ago. I have kept with the traditions of tiara making techniques. I am most proud of participating in the Cartier exhibition in St. Petersburg in 2021 as a special artist and being a member of Homo Fiber Guide by Michelangelo Foundation.

Photographer Marina Vasilevskaya

Models Tonka, Teodora Maćoš, Sara Lukić / Headgears Johann Nikadimus

Fairytale Soup by photographer Natasa Yankelevich

Model actress Alena Mikhaylova / Style Elena Tash / Makeup Tatyana Osipova / Clothes Onsitsa, Masha Andrianova, Nastya Leonevskaya / Headgears Johann Nikadimus / Production Sergey Shmakov

Actress Varvara Shmykova for a lingerie brand Love and Swans

Photographer Maria Maksak / Style Kristina Muza / Makeup Tamara Yarovskaya / Headgears Johann Nikadimus

Cover for a single by singer Manizha

Photographer Egor Shabanov / Style Nadxhiba Usmanova / Makeup Anna Khomenko / Hair style Alyona Agalarova / Headgears Johann Nikadimus / Earrings Lidiya Dzhebisashvili, Anna Hoffman

Singer Božo Vrećo

Photographer Marina Vasilevskaya / Style Johann Nikadimus, Vladimir Tilinin / Headgears Johann Nikadimus

Photographer and director Uldus Bakhtiozina

Headgears Johann Nikadimus

Cover for an album by singer Tatyana Molchanova

Photographer Egor Shabanov / Style Elena Tash / Makeup and hair artist Natalya Chernusskaya /

Clothes Nastya Leonevskaya / Accessories Andrey Borovsky / Headgears and Production Johann Nikadimus / Graphic designer Yuriy Mitrichev

Singer Anna Hoffman

Photographer Elena Drobat / Headgears Johann Nikadimus